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How to solve your personal problems?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

For those who believes in God

 You don't have to search for the Almighty elsewhere..The Almighty is in you.. near you and everywhere...

Whenever you are in a problem just seek his help, and he will guide you to the right path..

just talk to him... just share our pains and sorrows.. he will be there for you...


How to solve your personal problems?

Monday, March 22, 2010

For those who believe in themselves

Attitude determines the altitude.
So the magnitude of a problem is also determined by one's attitude. You may think that it easier to say than change your attitude to alleviate your problems.

Well, I am going to tell you how to do it in some simple ways.

How to fight sadness?
The best way to avoid sadness is take away your focus from the problem. The more you think about it, the worser it gets. Also there is nothing you will get thinking over past event , except more sadness.
So change your focus by indulging in other activities.
 The point is that make yourself busy.
You can choose any work that you enjoy to do or works that need to be done or anything you like. There are  two advantages. The work will get done and also you will forget about your worries.

I have talked over this matter with some people . Some of them hear hard rock and forget about themselves and receives more energy. Some watches some movies, some reads, some talks to others, some even talks to god.. So if you have got any interesting ideas please feel free to share here...

(for those who believes in next post)


Focus !

Sunday, March 21, 2010

On a very hot day we can walk along the open road without burning ourself from sun rays. But what happens when a paper is exposed under the sun rays ?? Nothing much happens. It is also just like us..wont get burned. But what if we focus the sun rays using a magnifying glass?? The paper catches fire instantly..right..

It is same with our dreams too..!!!

If we are pursuing an array or scattered dreams our energy will also be scattered. It wont have the strength to solve all problems or so called obstacles we get to see while achieving a goal. But with focus, you are going for one dream at a time , it will be easier for you to achieve it quickly and it will also boost your confidence level.

So what you have to do it, dreams big... and break down the dream into small small dreams... and accomplish one dream by one with your full attention and undivided attention. And you are on your path to success..
(An example for this in next post)


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